South Australian Regional Mining & Infrastructure Plans (RMIP)

South Australian Regional Mining & Infrastructure Plans (RMIP)

The three regions of Yorke and Mid North/Braemar, Far North, and Eyre and Western, are the focus of the vast majority of mining exploration and extraction activities in South Australia.

Since 2002, the number of mines in these regions has increased significantly, resulting in a rise in total annual mineral production to $4.3 billion (mineral exports year end to August 2011).

Importantly, from an infrastructure perspective, the number of tonnes of ore transported and exported from these regions has increased significantly with additional increases proable and imminent.

Mineral exports from (and imports of essential inputs to mining such as plant, machinery, fuels and chemicals to) South Australia have largely been achieved utilising pre-existing infrastructure networks and systems, except for infrastructure at mines sites of from the mine to exisitng ports.

The anticipated growth in mineral exports will require development of additional infrastructure if South Australian producers are to remain time and cost competitive.

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