Regional Economic Information and Updates

The Far North region has seen some very positive outcomes over the last couple of years with several major projects working their way through the system, an active small business environment, new educational facilities/offerings, some encouraging infrastructure announcements, and a raft of other new opportunities to assist the region. As of Quarter two, 2023/2024 financial year, the pipeline of  investment projects across the region totals over $11.2 billion, creating 10,824 employment opportunities in construction and 3,595 ongoing. The breakdown of these projects are as follows.

  • Private Investment - $549,633,995 – 804 jobs in construction and 551 ongoing
  • Community Projects - $7,139,097 – 58 construction jobs and 7 ongoing
  • Cultural Projects - $1,650,000 – 60 construction jobs and 20 ongoing
  • Infrastructure Projects - $4,302,835,395 – 3,747 construction jobs 1,522 ongoing
  • Minerals and Resources - $1,350,000,000 -1,650 construction jobs, 80 ongoing
  • Renewable Projects - $4,998,720,500 – 4,505 construction jobs and 1,415 ongoing

For more information on the data profiles of the Far North region, please use the following links for the public profiles.

The RDA Far North team are able to assist with more detailed and project specific data.