Opportunity awaits

Whether it’s a career, a family or a business, get started in Far North South Australia.

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Far North South Australia is booming.

Live, work and play in this growing region, where you can have the space and time for the things that matter to you; family, lifestyle, and opportunity.

  • A thriving economy with major investments in public services and infrastructure
  • Friendly, welcoming and diverse communities
  • Spectacular natural landscapes and time to enjoy them

Careers take
off here.

Discover growing industries with excellent long-term prospects. The Far North has a range of exciting jobs in agriculture, healthcare, mining, tourism and more.

See how Lucy's pastoral career began to thrive in the Far North.

thrive here.

Find great schools, friendly communities, and some of the most affordable housing and land in Australia.

The Far North lifestyle makes room for what matters; the people you love and the time you spend together.

grow here.

Opportunity is yours for the taking. Create, build or expand your business in a booming region that shows no sign of slowing down.

See how Doogal and Louise created a thriving restaurant in Hawker, Flinders Ranges.

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