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Adelle Cimarosti

Meet the co-owner of Stellar Health Solutions, who is also raising three children in Far North South Australia.

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Far North South Australia offers a wonderful setting to start a family. Terrific schools, parks and hospitals, along with affordable property and an active outdoor lifestyle make it possible for families to have it all.

For Adelle Cimarosti, the town of Port Augusta offers her family great education options as well as an active lifestyle. Her three children walk to school during the week and spend their weekends camping and fishing. The region also offers numerous sports clubs, activities and quality facilities which bring them together with other local families.

House prices are an appealing part of life in Far North South Australia. Besides the relatively more affordable cost than in major cities, your renovation budget also stretches much further. The calibre of tradespeople in the area is top quality so finally building or renovating your dream home is much more feasible than many people may realise.

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Room to Grow

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For Adelle, a business owner, the convenient proximity of everything in Port Augusta allows her to manage work, life and play. Originally a nurse, Adelle co-founded a business offering health checks, drug testing and other services for workers of the Far North’s major employers. She says the region’s rapid growth is full of business opportunities as well as a career launchpad for those in the health field.

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