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Pastoralist, Lucy Morphett

Meet Lucy Morphett, cattle station manager of Callanna Station.

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Originally from New South Wales, Lucy studied agriculture and later met and married into a cattle-farming family from South Australia. Lucy now lives and works on the family property, Callanna Station, with her husband and their young baby.

Their nearest town is the 80-person community of Marree, but their groceries are trucked in or picked up in the larger township of Leigh Creek, nearly two hours away. The sheep and cattle stations around Marree may be remote but the community is tight-knit, and the locals are good at taking care of each other - and that includes newcomers to the area.
Lucy says that if you come to the Marree area for a seasonal job or longer, the whole community will make an effort to get to know you. Everyone is welcome to mingle at the pub, the Marree Hotel, or head to a neighbours’ house for a barbecue.

Career Opportunities

South Australia’s thriving agricultural industry is the beating heart of the region. The vast, fertile landscapes of the Far North are home to successful agribusinesses that enjoy strong industry support, advancing agritech and growing agritourism opportunities.

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The Far North also offers a wealth of opportunities to get started or take on a new challenge in your career in a range of industries, especially healthcare, mining, tourism and hospitality.

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