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Doogal and Louise

Meet the owners of the popular Hawker cafe, Flinders Food Co.

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Doogal and his wife, Louise, run the Flinders Food Co, bringing premium coffee and big-city culinary flavours to the small town of Hawker. They are raising a young son and enjoying the relaxed lifestyle and warm community of this artistic town positioned at the entrance to the Flinders Ranges and Outback.

Originally from the Flinders area, Doogal and Louise tried city living but found themselves wanting to escape the “Rat Race” and what they felt was an overly competitive business culture. In the Flinders, they’ve found a supportive and friendly business community that is keen for newcomers and new ideas. Additionally, they say the lower real estate prices than capital cities mean they don’t spend most of the week working just to pay the cafe’s rent.

At the moment, they’re enjoying watching the growth of the Far North. The tourism industry is strong and farmers are diversifying their properties to host farm stays. While the area already showcases a strong connection to local Indigenous history, Doogal is looking forward to the upcoming investment in cultural experiences. The area is prospering and everyone who wants a job can find one.

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Local support, low overheads and an early-mover advantage can ease the stress of business-building through those tricky early stages. Bring your ideas to the Far North to ride the wave of growth. You could play a part in building one of South Australia’s most exciting developing regions.