Media Release – Sundrop Farms Expansion set to go

Media Release – Sundrop Farms Expansion set to go

Regional Development Australia Far North (RDAFN) is thrilled with today's announcement by Philipp Saumweber, Sundrop Farms CEO of the expansion of their glasshouse facilities near Port Augusta.

RDAFN have been working with Sundrop Farms since their arrival in Port Augusta and the development of their pilot greenhouse facilities. RDAFN Chair Dr Jen Cleary said. "We have always been very supportive of and interested in this project, and are excited at the announcement of their expansion".

RDAFN is also excited with the level of investment and national focus that this announcement will bring Port Augusta. "This is fantastic for Sundrop Farms and Port Augusta, in that produce grown locally will be sold in supermarkets throughout Australia", said Dr Cleary.

For more information and to read more of the Media Release please click on the link below

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