Regional Work South Australia Project (RWSAP)

Purpose of the RWSAP is to address regional workforce resulting from COVID-19. With COVID-19 having an impact on primary industries securing workers and tourism and hospitality filling roles in our regions, we've created Real Work, Real Experience as an initiative to bring workers and employers together to support our regions. Regional Work South Australia Project is being delivered through Regional Development Australia Boards to support workers moving to regions across the state.

An initiative of the State Government’s $4.45 million support package to help boost and fill seasonal and regional workforce vacancies across South Australia, the website is a central hub for important information and links

If you are looking for work, then South Australia’s regions have opportunities across the agriculture, tourism and hospitality sectors. Seasonal and regional work offers the chance to experience South Australia’s beautiful regions, form connections with other likeminded travellers and workers and gain valuable work experience. There are seasonal work opportunities as well as full-time agricultural, tourism, and hospitality jobs available in the region.

There are great lifestyle and financial benefits working in agriculture, tourism and hospitality across regional South Australia - saving money, meeting new people, gaining unforgettable experiences and having an incredible adventure. You can find work at unique accommodation, world-class food and wine experiences, cafes, and country pubs, as well as diverse tourism operators, often located in the most stunning and iconic locations.

Roll up your sleeves and discover a rewarding work opportunity in South Australia’s regions. Our agriculture, tourism and hospitality industries need willing and able workers to help fill the gap left by the impact of COVID-19 and closed borders. You can meet new people, learn new skills, and immerse yourself in our incredible regional tourism experiences.

Economic Development Manager - Workforce Coordinator

The workforce Coordinator can provide support and information in relation to:

  • Work with Job Seekers to match their skills to new/different roles as the seasonal/regional work changes

  • assist Job Seekers by linking them to employers, across all industries, in the RDA Far North region (Port Augusta, Flinders Ranges and Outback)

  • promoting and directing people to the Regional Work SA website to register directly or you can come in and have a chat with me

  • working with employers in the region to find out where the vacancies are and encourage employers to advertise on RDA Far North Job Board for free -

  • Deliver workshop activity to employers, that will provide strategies on successful recruitment, confirming job expectation in a clear contract, retaining and developing staff by effective performance management

  • Provide information on support services and regional workforce and Incentives programs that may be available in the region

To make an appointment contact the RDA Far North office:

Suzanne Noll - Economic Development Manager Workforce
Phone: (08) 8641 1444